About Stephanie Warner Naturopathic Doctor

Dr.Warner brings 14 years experience in healthcare into the treatment room with her patients.

She believes that healing requires more than treating diseases and masking symptoms. Dr. Warner strives to ally with her patients to help facilitate a natural healing response. Rather than utilizing generic treatments Dr. Warner believes in an individually targeted treatment plan stemming from a minimalist approach.

She draws from her previous experience working as a Registered Nurse, while also utilizing Naturopathic Medicine and Chinese Medicine to explain disharmony in the body and facilitate healing.

Her current practice focuses on working with digestive health, food sensitivities, autoimmune diseases, allergies, migraines/headaches, and hormonal imbalances.

She has received additional mentorship and training in the diagnosis and treatment of lyme disease, chronic infections of all types, mental health and trauma, comprehensive vitamin and nutrient analysis, as well as working with cancer patients.