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Britt Dorazio

Meditation Instructor

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About Britt Dorazio

Greetings! Britt here. I'm a certified meditation teacher and vibrational guide currently living in NYC. I am deeply dedicated to helping people take an active part in their healing and I believe meditation and divination tools can be profound tools in the healing journey. Regardless of what you are dealing with, I am grateful to hold space for you and work together to find what works best. I have different session options available. I have been leading meditation since 2016 and have had my own meditation practice since 2011. I received my certification from Sarvaguna Yoga-Meditation Training and Research Academy in Dharamshala, India, under the wisdom of Dr. Keshava Murthy. I am certified in the following.

Pranayama and re-establishing abdominal breathing
Traditional & Modern Yogic meditation techniques (breath and body awareness, chakra, loving kindness, mantra, gratitude, grounding, purification, third eye, nature, creative visualization, walking, new and full moon meditations)
Meditation application for all age groups
Meditation application for different mental imbalances
Mantra Chanting
Preparatory Asanas
Introduction to Mudra and their applications
Energy Anatomy and Physiology- Chakras
Philosophy of Meditation

Wishing you supreme health, joy, and safety during this time and beyond.