About Dr. Marillea Yu, ND

I am a Board-Certified Naturopathic Doctor in Ontario with a focus on Environmental Medicine and Intravenous Nutrient Therapy.

I work with patients who are experiencing chronic health issues, autoimmune conditions and other health puzzles who are interested in getting to the bottom of their illnesses to improve their health as efficiently and effectively as is possible for them.

I also enjoy working with those who are motivated to experience optimal health/wellness and are interested in pursuing preventative health measures. These patients are interested in improving their current output and performance while reducing their recovery time in times of stress or high performance requirements. As well as avoiding any chronic health conditions that may be present in their family history.

My expertise lies in a thorough investigation of the intricate interplay between your health, unique genetic makeup and environmental/chemical exposure then identifying how it may be contributing to your health issues.

As health investigator and wellness strategist, I use a thorough intake, relevant physical examination and both routine/specialized functional testing to determine your current state of health, and possible causes of your symptoms and illness, where necessary.

A wellness blueprint/plan based on your health goals will be created. Your health blueprint will include various therapies such as nutrition (i.e. diet, supplements, intravenous therapy), botanical medicine, acupuncture, detoxification and drainage, lifestyle and stress management strategies, as well as relevant referrals to other health care providers, as needed.

Subsequent follow ups are necessary and important in effectively and accurately monitoring your treatment plan and assessing the following factors: response to treatment and compliance, reassessment of timeline (i.e. is it necessary to prolong your current phase of treatment, or can we move on to the next), any new information in the form of test results, required testing and/or current research, etc.