I have currently a Holistic Nutrition Consultation Practice. This includes creating:

*2 Page overview Health Tips ~ 25$ CAD Based on Health Assessment and Interactive Phone Call *


*Available 4-6 week Protocols: Including: Medication Review, Supplementation Recommendations (Specific Dose, Brand, Duration, Timings), Herbs, Diet Regime, Lifestyle, Environment, Spiritual Assistance, and Emotional Support and ongoing follow up and communication during the 4-6 weeks.

55$ CAD Per 4-6 weeks.


*Personal Sharings Available FOR FREE :) Emotional Support and Compassion Services offered by Tulsi (Who has been through this process, had help, survived, and made it to "the other side"

FREE / Donation Basis :)


*Distant Reiki Available 30 MIN/ Non Interactive. Donation Basis

*60 MINUTE consult Healing Work (Energy Healing, Looking at Patterns and Conditioning, Sharings, and Spiritual Support, Guidance and Compassion Support)

~ This is a meeting with presence, emptiness on my behalf, non judgment, clear seeing, and I will be able to share and recommend based on the individual/ how consciousness will move through.