About Healing Garden

At the Healing Garden I offer complementary and alternative healing therapies including Therapeutic Touch, Touch for Health, Stress Indicator Point System (SIPS) , Soul Retrieval and journey work. I use a combination of these techniques to assist your healing journey.

Therapeutic Touch is effective in promoting relaxation. It decreases stress, anxiety, pain and accelerates healing. As a recognized complimentary therapy it can be used in conjunction with standard medical care.
Therapeutic Touch is a safe, non-invasive healing practice that was developed in the early 1970’s by Dolores Krieger, a professor of nursing and Dora Kunz, an intuitive healer.

Touch for Health is designed to release pain and stress. Muscle testing feedback techniques are used to discern the sources of stress which lead to chronic pain, mental clouding and various stages of disease. The techniques used may include the use of acupressure points, working with muscle tissue or a variety of other corrections.
Touch For Health came from the work of two chiropractors in the 1960’s. Dr. George Goodheart and Dr. John Thie began using muscle tests as a way of assessing meridian energy from Chinese therapies such as acupuncture. Touch For Health is a powerful healing method that helps to identify not only the sources of stress affecting the body but also how to correct the imbalance created by it.

SIPS . Stress Indicator Point System uses a combination of muscle testing and acupressure points. SIPS can be effective for pain relief, improving cognitive function and assist in balancing hormones and emotions.
Ian Stubbings developed the SIPS system in 1992. SIPS uses acupressure points to locate where the body is experiencing stress. It identifies the type of stress involved that is impeding healing and releases the stress so that the healing can occur.

Soul Retrieval is done with journey work. Contact for more information.