About Heart Centered Life

Heart Centered life is a business designed to connect people in body-mind-spirit. Carleen looks at the whole person to co-create an inner sense of calm and an outer ability to move freely and live pain reduced. Best practices are offered for optimum wellness in times of uncertainty and change. Carleen worked for twenty years in traditional health care before training in Eastern health and wellness. Since 2011, Carleen has taught over 4000 yoga & meditation classes and 30,000+ people to connect to mind, body and spirit. Her holistic and collaborative approach to healing works with people on multiple levels including physical, mental/emotional and spiritual depending on each person's unique needs.

Carleen has a background in neuro-psychology and a strong understanding of the subtle body as it relates to physical symptoms and thought patterns (sometimes called story-mind). Carleen's training in the holistic realms of mind/body health include certifications in yoga (hatha, pre-natal, yin, restorative), meditation (MMA), Ayurvedic wellness and New Life story coaching. Carleen is the author of "Orchid of Fate" - a memoir describing the integration of the subtle body through memory and physical symptom, specifically as it relates to migraines. Carleen is passionate about creating a more beautiful world through the wisdom of the heart.

Carleen can be contacted here, through her website www.heartcentered.ca or by phone (780-710-7952). Contact Carleen for best practice guidance, in the areas of health, wellness, lifestyle, yoga and meditation. Contact Carleen to join an on line class, develop a private program or learn to meditate. Carleen can also be reached on facebook, instagram and twitter.

The strongest minds don't change the moment, they embrace it wholeheartedly.