About Apona Healing Arts

Ready to Live Your Highest Quality Life, in Any Circumstance?
Apona Healing Arts helps You Reclaim Your Health, Regain Your Energy and Refine Your Power, so you can turn Stress, Isolation and Frustration into Being Grounded, Energized and Empowered.

With 23 years experience in holistic health services and 45 years experience in personal development, Apona Healing Arts has mastered "Achieving Success in Crisis: How to Turn On A Dime™". The Collins Dictionary Definition of "Turn On A Dime" is "to suddenly do something completely different from what you were doing before". Apona Healing Arts calls this the "Personal Pivot™", and helps you pivot your life to be greater than it was before. Apona Healing Arts offers Health and Empowerment Programs and Coaching to help You Resolve Your Chronic Health Conditions AND to help men and women who are stressed and frustrated feel uplifted, energized and grounded. . . to help you be empowered.

RECLAIM Your Health. REGAIN Your Energy. REFINE Your Power.™