About 3-D-Healing Academy and Quantum Hynotherapy

3-D-Healing is capable of aligning all three dimensions of the human body - the physical, emotional and energetic body!

It is non-invasive; utilizing a specialized and defined mix of Conscious Expansion and Neuroplasticity applications, Trance work in very specific states of THETA brain waves, energy extraction. It means simultaneous team work between various practitioner skillsets for each of the three body dimensions utilizing the Ancient Art and Science of Hypnosis, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Reiki and other Quantum Field / Zero Point Field energy access applications.

3-D-Healing ensures quality within its business structure, very specific defined practitioner certification, specific defined and required individual skill sets and Team Work (in person or via online technology applications) all around the world.

It includes modern, ancient and traditional medicine and healing methods, and goes beyond the widespread EGO-driven world, reuniting and bridging all known Ancient Art of Healing modalities and applications including latest modern science and technology such as HRV, NES, Darkfield Live Blood Microscopy, other latest laboratory technology, 119 point Thermography, etc-

3-D-Healing and Quantum Hypnotherapy includes Life Regression, Past Life Regression, Future Life Regression, Out of Body travel, Soul Retrieval, Life Improvement, Addiction Treatment, Anxieties / Fears / Phoebias, PTSD and Trauma, EMF removal, Weight Loss, Hypno-Birthing / Infertility Solutions, Forensic Hypnosis, MPD /. Schizophrenia, Neuroplasticity / Mind and Body Reconnection, Supernatural / Exorcism / Satanic Ritual Abuse Removal, Self-Esteem and Confidence Boosting, End-of-Life Counseling, Abduction Issues and Resolutions, Rebalancing Energy and Emotions for Physical Health. 100 Hour accredited Certification Course.